About PNW Food Trailers and Trucks

Rooted in the Pacific Northwest’s Culinary Landscape

Located in the heart of Portland, Oregon, PNW Food Trailers and Trucks stands as a testament to the region’s rich culinary heritage and the innovative spirit of the Pacific Northwest. Our city, known for its vibrant food scene and trailblazing food entrepreneurs, sets the perfect backdrop for our company’s mission: Crafting mobile culinary masterpieces.

Our Journey

Founded on the principles of innovation, craftsmanship, and dedication, we embarked on our journey with a singular vision – to elevate the mobile food business. Recognizing the increasing demand for flexible, high-quality, and custom kitchen solutions, we pioneered a range of food trailers and trucks tailored to the unique needs of every food entrepreneur.

Expertise Meets Craftsmanship

Our team comprises industry experts, passionate craftsmen, and culinary enthusiasts. This fusion of expertise allows us to design, fabricate, and customize state-of-the-art commercial kitchen trailers that are not just functional but also embody the essence of the Pacific Northwest. We believe that every food entrepreneur deserves a platform that reflects their culinary passion, and our trailers and trucks are built to be that perfect platform.

Commitment to Quality

Quality, for us, is not just a buzzword. From sourcing the finest materials to paying attention to every minute detail during fabrication, our commitment to quality is unwavering. Every trailer and truck that rolls out of our Portland facility is a testament to our dedication, ensuring longevity, safety, and superior performance for our clients.

Sustainability at Heart

Being nestled in the Pacific Northwest, we are surrounded by nature’s bounty. This instills in us a deep respect for our environment. We are committed to adopting sustainable practices in our operations and continuously strive to reduce our carbon footprint. Our trailers and trucks are designed with energy efficiency in mind, ensuring you leave a minimal environmental impact while serving your delicious creations.

Join Our PNW Community

At PNW Food Trailers and Trucks, you’re not just buying a product; you’re becoming a part of a community. A community of dreamers, doers, and food lovers. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or an aspiring food entrepreneur, we’re here to support, guide, and celebrate your journey.